This image of the week is another truly powerful moment. My client, Roe, called me a few days prior the the wedding day. She informed me that her grandmother- with whom she was extremely close- was gravely ill and would not be able to attend the wedding. She asked if I’d take her to the hospital to see her before I took her to see her soon to be husband. Of course, I was happy to do this. I had a pretty good idea that I’d be able to capture something special, but I never expected to capture an image quite as powerful as this. Roe and her grandmom are sharing a smell of one of the roses that made up her bouquet. This was truly the decisive moment from this situation. I was really moved, and it still moves me to this day.

Fast forward to a few weeks after the wedding. I received a call from Roe, and she informed me that her grandmom had passed away. I sent her this image, and I was told this image was buried with her. Again, this is why we do what we do.

D3, Nikkor 24-70G 1/320th @ F2.8 @ 1600.