Sorry for not posting much in July, but it was a crazy month, to say the least. I’ll be posting a regular image of the week from here on out… hopefully.
For this week’s image- It’s simple, really. The emotions and the moments captured throughout the wedding day are not limited to the bride and groom. In this image, the parents of the groom(left) and parents of the bride(center) are reacting to a wonderful few moments that followed a ketubah signing during a Jewish ceremony. it’s another one of those hidden, less obvious moments that occur at nearly every wedding.

Too often, a photographer will capture the signing of the ketubah, and then wait for the processional to begin. I’ve found that the moments before, and the moments after a ceremony are the most fertile ground for capturing moments. This image is the perfect example of the raw emotion that stems from a close-nit family on a wedding day. As I always say, we’re only as good as our clients…..Thanks, Shirley and Jim.