Simplicity. It just may be my favorite rule of composition…. not that I follow any rules. With so much equipment available out there, and so much photography education out there, I honestly believe that many photographers forget that sometimes less can be more. Over-lit, over-saturated, over-photoshopped, over-exposed images can really be overkill. During the flow of a wedding day, sometimes it’s just not feasible to set up several lights to produce a beautifully lit portrait of a bride. it’s also not really necessary. Sometimes, a simple, single light source is all that’s needed. I photographed Aasta as I do with most of my brides-using a simple, single window as my light source. there were warm toned shears for diffusion, and I closed the blinds to reduce spill around the subject. put Aasta on a slight angle from the window, and worked a few frames until I was satisfied.

Now, granted, I’m only as good as my client- as I always say. But given the fact that I shot this situation within 2 minutes, I was pleased with the results. One other thing to remember. Sebastiao Selgado once said “it’s not the photographer who makes the picture, but the person being photographed” Try not to pose her too much, and allow her to be as comfortable as possible…. with a camera in her face…..Also, without trying to begin a huge dialogue— USE THE PROPER FOCAL LENGTH!

Simplicity. it’s…. well, dare I say- simple. Special thanks to Elizabeth Priya Kumar from Premini Events for the privilege of working with Aasta and Sujan a few weeks ago.

Nikon D4, 85mm 1.4G, ISO 3200 F1.4@1/250th