Dawn + Brian, October 18, 2019

Hunting Hill Mansion at Ridley Creek State Park, Newtown Square, PA.

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Double exposure of bride and groom’s wedding at Hunting Hill Mansion in Ridley Creek State park, Pennsylvania.
The bride and her daughters helping during the getting ready part of the day.

The close relationship between mother and daughters was evident throughout the day, but especially during these quiet moments.

The couple relished in the a few instances to enjoy one another’s company before walking down the aisle. The light was a spectacular backdrop, providing a golden hue to each frame.

The bride and groom immediately after their first look on their wedding day.
The bride and groom share a private moment surrounded by fall foliage.

The cozy ceremony and reception, which took place at the Hunting Hill Mansion, epitomized the theme of intimate. Lush pots of wildflowers lined the stone stairs that both the bride and groom would eventually walk down.

The wedding ceremony location at Hunting Hill Mansion swathed in fall color.
Gorgeous floral arrangement decorating the wedding location.
Outdoor ceremony space with colorful floral arrangements dotting the stone steps at Hunting Hill Mansion.
The wedding ceremony begins at Hunting Hill Mansion with a gathering of family and friends.
Beautiful reception space with classic touches and bright floral toppers.

The day ebbed into early evening as the couple and their guests toasted with champagne and filed into the reception’s dining area.

The bride and groom’s first dance during their evening wedding reception.
Speeches and words of gratitude are exchanged during the evening’s wedding reception.
The newly married couple enjoying their wedding reception.