I’ve done a slew of speaking over the past few years. I’ve been honored to speak for Nikon, WPPI, PPA, and a ton of other organizations. This January, however, I’m especially stoked to deliver the Keynote address in New Orleans at the Digital Wedding Forum Convention, 2012. It’s not going to be the same old seminar for me. Ordinarily, I’ll talk about fundamentals, harsh light, and how to create texture, dimension, and mood with light. Sure, I’ll touch on that, but I intend on presenting a seminar that’s less about lessons of light, and more about lessons of a lifetime in photography. 2012 will officially be my 30th year in professional photography. At 49, I still believe I’m continuing to learn and grow, and my best images are ahead of me. I hope to see you in New Orleans!

Oh, in case you were wondering about the extremely goofy photo of me below, it was the