Laughter capitalized Dina and Chris’s special day, as the giddy pair embarked on their days long celebration into husband and wife! The couple chose to have a private ceremony at their home and a celebratory reception, surrounded by the abundant and lush vegetation at The Horticultural Center in West Fairmount Park, located in Philadelphia, PA. Any notion of “cold feet” were quickly dispelled in the warmth of the Horticultural Center’s spacious greenhouse, which displayed an array of florals, many cascading beautifully at each table. Their reception included several performances by a belly dancer, complete with wardrobe changes to accompany each dance! The liveliness continued on late into the night as the center’s gardens and reflecting pool allowed for the couple to quietly sneak in a few last portraits before their event came to a close.

A moment of prayer mirrored in the table’s reflection on the night of the couple’s in home ceremony.
The bride and her maid of honor hold hands shortly after the bridal prep.
Enveloped by her long veil, the bride smiles happily on her wedding day.
The groom is helped with his tie in his hotel room on the day of his wedding.
The beautiful bride looks lovely, her veil swept to one side, showcasing the ornate detail of her strapless wedding gown.
Giddy with excitement, the bride and groom laugh while entering the Horticultural Center’s greenhouse for their reception.
The groom dips his bride on the parquet flooring of the greenhouse during their first dance.
A first dance between the bride and groom, surrounded by their cheering friends and family.

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