Alexandra and Matt had a gorgeous wedding at the Roundhouse at Beacon Falls. Alexandra not only styled the event herself, she designed and manufactured her gown as well. This beautiful setting in the Hudson Valley was home to gorgeous water falls and a simple rustic setting. Here’s a few from their day!

Roundhouse_01 Roundhouse_02 Roundhouse_03 Roundhouse_04 Roundhouse_05 Roundhouse_06 Roundhouse_07 Roundhouse_08 Roundhouse_09 Roundhouse_10 Roundhouse_11 Roundhouse_12 Roundhouse_13 Roundhouse_14 Roundhouse_15 Roundhouse_16 Roundhouse_17 Roundhouse_18 Roundhouse_19 Roundhouse_20 Roundhouse_21 Roundhouse_22 Roundhouse_23 Roundhouse_24 Roundhouse_25 Roundhouse_26 Roundhouse_27 Roundhouse_28 Roundhouse_29 Roundhouse_30