I love working at the Liberty House in Jersey City NJ. It’s got one hell of a backdrop, and at different times of the day, you’ll get a wide array of moods. For the past month or two, the Nikon D4S has become my workhorse. I’m using the D4S and 2 D4’s as my essential gear along with 8 lenses. In this image, the autofocus in low light on the D4S makes this image much easier to capture than every before. The D4S isn’t just for high ISO. It’s focusing system is the best of any camera I’ve ever used. There was virtually no contrast to focus upon, yet the camera managed to lock on to my subject. The NYC skyline as a backdrop doesn’t suck. The rest is all about Sally and Ruben- who were phenomenal to work with. This is a preview of their wedding which I’ll blog in a week or so. Huge thanks to the staff at the Liberty House. Their service was stellar!

For the photo geeks
Nikon D4S Nikkor 70-200 VRII, 1/50th @ F3.5 @ ISO 500