I’ve been a proud member of the instructional team at Kelby Training for a few years now. Recently, I sat down with a fabulous pro, Mia McCormick, for a really fun interview about the Art of Photography. To me, capturing moments is paramount while I’m shooting a wedding. Sure, I’ll capture wonderful portraits of the bride and groom, family portraits- bridal party images, and fabulous details to remember. However, it’s the moments, the hidden moments that will mean something to that client as time goes on. I like to tell my clients that I’m shooting for 20 years from now, not just for today. In this interview with Mia, I’ll discuss various images I’ve created that mean something to ME, as an artist. It’s something I found quite refreshing, and I hope you will too. Here is the link to the Kelby Training site. I really believe it’s worth a look.